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Diemonds - Highway (Live At The Bovine)

Added January 16, 2014
Live Videos
Public Animal live at Bovine
Public Animal melts the bovine during NXNE 2013. A band you MUST check out. Come check out Sir Ian Blurton DJ the Bovine...
NXNE 2013 at Bovine
a little recap...including clips of Dearly Beloved & Diemonds at The Bovine
The Creepshow - Live July 28th, 2012
The Garden by The Creepshow @ Bovine Sex Club
Useless ID
Useless ID from Tel Aviv perform live at Bovine, June 3rd 2012, with local drummer Cindy Caron
David Hustler & The Trustworthy Promo Vid
A brief promo vid for his upcoming show at Bovine, May 24th - 2012. W/ Of The North, and The Maladies of Adam Stokes.
Big John Bates Live at CMW 2012
Legendary Vancouver rocker Big John Bates playing live during Canadian Music Week 2012.
Grim Skunk @ CMW 2010
2 songs, 1 video - Grim Shunk rocked Canadian Music Week 2010.
The Dookies - When I Come Around
On March 6th, 2012 the Dookies (members of Goldfinger, Inner City Surfers, Crush Luther) preformed the Green Day album live! ...
CJ Sleez
From her performance on February 4th, 2012.
A Primitive Evolution @ Indie Week 2010
A.P.E.'s preformance during Indie Week 2010! Filmed by Guerrilla Remote.
Carole Pope Live
From her performance at the Bovine in February of 2011
Christian D & the Hangovers
Video brought to you live from the Bovine by the Pink and Black Attack.
CJ Ramone live during NXNE June 2011 @ Bovine Sex Club
Nothing like CJ Ramone like and upfront at Bovine during NXNE.
Polar Bear Club
Polar Bear Club playing a Warped tour after party at the Bovine. Summer 2010.

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