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We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of our good friend, Mark Gibson of the Almighty Trigger Happy.
Words cannot even say.

Our thoughts are with Helen, and all of his friends and family, and anyone who was touched by his presence. R.I.P..

Please see the link below.... Read More

I have always been more intrigued by Neil Young’s lifestyle more than his music. I now love a lot of his music but it took me a while to get on board the Lionel train (he collects them). I’m pretty sure this was due to my sister. Kelly is two years older than me which now makes us close, but, during our teenage years that gap seemed enormous. Our musical tastes could not have been more different. We moved a lot as kids but always seemed to have bedrooms right next door to each other. We had stereo wars and music wars. We both continually upgraded our stereos as our record collections grew.

In the early seventies I was listening to Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Mott The Hoople and The New York Dolls. In the next room I was bombarded by James Taylor (“Mud Slide Slim”), Cat Stevens (“Tea For The Tillerman”), Carole King (“Tapestry”), Bette Midler (“The Divine Miss M”), Simon & Garfunkel (“Bookends”) and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (“Déjà Vu”). ... Read More

If you've ventured into the club on Sunday nights in the last month or so, you've probably noticed a new face behind the bar. We're happy to welcome Aurielle into the mix and we're more than excited to have her. Why? well, for starters, she's pretty cool, but also, she's kickin it old school on Sunday's with her brand spankin new LIPSTICK 'N LEATHER promotion. All bets are off with this one! Vintage metal, Classic rock, Classic metal, Vintage rock. Yeah, all of the good stuff. Come by and say hi if you haven't already. She might buy you a drink and she'll definitely point you in the direction of some good leather wares.

We're also excited to announce that we have 4AM last call for select nights of the Toronto International Film Festival (It might actually be every night, but we'll confirm that later)!
Keep Saturday September 8th free on your calendar as we're fixin to rock from the early afternoon til the break of dawn. Thats right, we're gonna do it up right with a special guest ... Read More

The last year has been a transitional one for Burlington's The Creepshow, but with hunger and tenacity shared only by the un-dead, The Creepshow have risen again. This time with Kenda Legaspi is handling the vocal responsibilities, and according to to bass player Sean McNabb--handle them she does.

Sean was kind enough to answer some questions for us last week. This is what he had to say about Kenda, The Creepshow's recent transition, Fake Spanish cops and what it is like to play in Russia.

So you folks in The Creepshow have gone through a fairly serious transition over the last few months as Sarah Blackwood has exited the band and Kenda Legaspi has entered as your new vocalist.

Could you tell me a little bit about how this change came to be and the the process you all went through during this transition?

SEAN - The Creepshow has always been about touring , playing shows, and having a blast doing what we love. In the past year or so, the band has... Read More

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