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By Jessica Kudas

Q. The Gutter Demons were a very aspiring Canadian psychobilly band and you released 3 albums, the last in 2008. After that you guys decided to take a break from music, how come?
A. We took 6 years off because we had to go back to hell.
Q. What were you guys doing during that time off?
A. We were still doing some music. Flipper kept on playing, he actually was a part of The United Steel Workers of Montreal and played a little bit for a band called LA Dukes which doesn’t exist anymore, but he had a whole bunch of things going on. Pat continued playing a little bit too but now he’s a proud daddy of a little boy so he’s sadly not with us anymore. For me, I took a break completely. I had some personal stuff to take care of on my own. But now we’re back on the road!
Q. What made you guys decide to get back together as Gutter Demons?
A. We sat down one day and we pretty much asked ourselves ‘why not?’ We started rehearsing a little bit to see if the... Read More

The last year has been a transitional one for Burlington's The Creepshow, but with hunger and tenacity shared only by the un-dead, The Creepshow have risen again. This time with Kenda Legaspi is handling the vocal responsibilities, and according to to bass player Sean McNabb--handle them she does.

Sean was kind enough to answer some questions for us last week. This is what he had to say about Kenda, The Creepshow's recent transition, Fake Spanish cops and what it is like to play in Russia.

So you folks in The Creepshow have gone through a fairly serious transition over the last few months as Sarah Blackwood has exited the band and Kenda Legaspi has entered as your new vocalist.

Could you tell me a little bit about how this change came to be and the the process you all went through during this transition?

SEAN - The Creepshow has always been about touring , playing shows, and having a blast doing what we love. In the past year or so, the band has... Read More

Back on the road and about to start work on a new album, the last two years have proved to herald a new beginning for legendary Montreal punk rockers The Nils. For Carlos Soria The Nils return has been one that felt natural.

"It's all I can do man, It's all I've ever really done," says Soria.

Soria and a few former members began rehearsing again 2010 and took back to the road accompanied by the release of The title is the Secret Song, a collection of previously unreleased songs.

"Its like our sixth show back. I think we sound way better than our sixth show the first time," says Soria, "I'll tell you one thing Toronto has always done good by us."

The Nils sounds tight and Soria's own brand of wiry charisma is undeniable. He laughs and shuffles through a copy of the NOW Magazine searching for ads for the show and chatting with anyone that cares to speak to him. There is no doubt that he is excited to be here.

The Nils, originally formed on Montreal’s South ... Read More

Following thirteen years, seven albums and creating an identity as a band to believe in, The Sainte Catherine’s bid us farewell. The Bovine Sex Club will host the first of the Montreal hardcore troupe’s four final shows this Friday. Do not mourn, as it will be in vain for those who have grown grateful for their endeavours, and eager for their future, and we should all be so lucky.

“Fire Works was exactly what we wanted,” says vocalist, Hugu Mudie. “The lyrics are about quitting drugs, relationships and the band.”

Although in 2010 ‘Fire Works’ became the fatalistic full length finale, foretelling Sainte Catherines’ distant-future final bow, the sobering bittersweet beginning of the end in 2012 holds both flattering mirrors of triumph, and rue-ridden shadows of loss.

“When I was eighteen, I quit school and started The Sainte Catherines,” says Mudie. “Together we’ve learned a lot, travelled the world and have lived all these great... Read More

Detroit’s ‘The Koffin Kats’, have challenged both the road and themselves into a well sharpened assault of melodious sound and fury in the key of ‘psychorror’.

In 2003, these Motor City wild men conceived a band with an uncompromising ambition to venture away and truly conquer the stage with unadulterated self sufficiency. ‘Our Way and The Highway’ may be the title of their recent LP, but is perhaps an apt and well-tailored portrayal of the method to their madness.

“The point of the band was to find a bunch of guys to get out of Michigan,” says lead vocalist and stand-up bass acrobat, Vic Victor. “And not punch time clocks.”

“We didn’t get paid back then, and you were lucky if your beer was covered.”

In the years following, they have toured extensively across North America and Europe, earning them the envied ability to make their band their livelihood as a spoil for toil.

Vic used that time to further challenge not only what a stand up... Read More

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